Visit Petal Street Flower Company to order your stylish flower wristlet. Christine and Joe are happy to help you order the right piece for your dress and provide recommendations if needed. Remember, a picture of your dress on your phone or even a swatch of fabric are very helpful items to have when ordering, but not necessary if you don't have them available. Below are a few samples of prom wristlets we have made.

Prom flowers in Point Pleasant NJ.18 - 01
Prom wristlet, a pink and black Gerbera Daisy.18 - 02
Vibrant red orange prom wristlet with roses.18 - 03
White prom wristlet with a Ranunculus flower.18 - 04
Purple and white Lisianthus prom flower wristlet in Pt. Pleasant NJ18 - 05
Green and orange Prom flowers, Pt Pleasant NJ florist.18 - 06
Purple and black prom wristlet with Orchids.18 - 07
Bright blue and purple prom flower wristlet with Orchids and feathers.18 - 08
Pt. Pleasant NJ florist purple and cream prom flower wristlet.18 - 09
Soft pink roses and Eucalyptus prom wristlet.18 - 10
Purple and white prom wristlet in Pt Pleasant, NJ.18 - 11
White Orchids with gold accent ribbon for prom.18 - 12
Ranunculus and Grevillia flower wristlet.18 - 13
White Roses with aqua ribbon accent flower wristlet.18 - 14
Soft green blue succulent prom flower wristlet, Pt. Pleasant, NJ florist.18 - 15

Prom Flower Bracelets

These are some of the stylish bracelet options we have which the flowers and accents are placed upon. We have a few more in the shop along with an array of accent accessories,
come by and see them.

Classic and stylish prom flower bracelets in black, white, and silver.18 - 16
Bright and colorful prom flower bracelets to match many dress styles.18 - 17

A few more wristlet samples...

Red mini Gerbera Daisy Prom Wristlet by Petal Street Flower Company Pt. Pleasant NJ Florist.18 - 18
White Mum Prom wristlet with rhinestone accents Pt. Pleasant NJ Florist.18 - 19
Mini Calla Lilly Prom Wristlet by Pt. Pleasant NJ Florist Petal Street Flower Company.18 - 20
Citrus colored prom wristlet.18 - 21
Single pink Orchid Prom flower wristlet.18 - 22