Vase Arrangement with pink Roses, Lilies, Lisianthus, white Stock and Hydrangea - Pt. Pleasant NJ Florist Petal Street Flower Company

This mixed flower arrangement includes large and small pink Roses, pink Lilies, pink Lisianthus, white Hydrangea, white Stock, green Hydrangea, Trachelium, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus, mixed greenery, and a Ti Leaf wrapped within the vase.
Approximate size: 16" Tall

$125.00 as shown
See below for general pricing information.
General Vase Arrangement Pricing:
In-Store Pick up: Arrangements available daily from $12 and up.
For Delivery: Vase arrangements start from $40 and increase in $5 increments. Each increment changes the flower selection, basket style and size of the arrangement.

ALL arrangements & photography on this website were made and taken at Petal Street Flower Company.