At 6 years old, with an abundance of freckles and excited
hazel eyes, I would tag along with my Aunt to her flower shop.
That is how my life in floristry began.
Now, 30 years later, I still feel that passion, that enthusiasm,
that zing! There’s an exuberance I feel when designing with flowers. I get to share that everyday with my customers,
and I enjoy seeing those positive emotions they take with them.
As an Art Director with a multi-faceted background in fine art, architecture, and visual design, I see many of the same design principles apply in floristry as well. Showing people how to mix the textures of flowers and choose color palettes to convey the emotions they are looking to express is very rewarding. For me, flowers are just another great medium to work with.
The local florist that locals love.
Walk into our little shop and what will you see? FLOWERS! We're not some home decor/ gift shop with a few flower buckets shoved in a corner or back room somewhere. Walking in to our shop you are presented by fresh and colorful flowers neatly displayed high and low on tables, and our refrigerator has arrangements ready to go. We are flower focused, and our shop lets you know it.

Want to see our work? Simply look through this website you are currently on. ALL of the arrangements you see have been made and photographed by us right here at our shop. We love what we do, and happy to show it.

Want to place an order? Orders are taken by phone or in our shop ONLY. No online ordering. This ensures that each of us, Christine, Joe, Gabrielle, and Alexia, speak to each one of you. Our customer service is as important to us as the quality of our flowers, it is part of the Petal Street Flower Company experience and reputation.

So give us a call, we look forward to speaking with you!
Petal Street Flower Company
2319 Bridge Avenue Point Pleasant, NJ 08742